Charli White

"Singer/songwriter" -



Charli is an upcoming singer/songwriter currently based in Manchester. In the short few years of her career she has supported acclaimed artists such as the award winning Canadian singer/songwriter Christina Martin, Xander and the Peace Pirates, and Willie Nile. In April 2015 she released her first EP, ‘All I Want’ recorded and produced independently, and has already nearly sold out of the limited physical copies. Her unique take on the world around us and her ability to channel this into haunting and harmonically complex songs have been previously compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Carole King.

“The aim with my songs is to leave audiences with softened edges and opened hearts. I want people to feel inspired the way I have been inspired by watching the bands of my youth. I am finding myself as I go, and although I am still in the place between knowing what I want to be and who I really am, my songs speak from the same soul. I can’t promise I won’t change but I can promise this: I will carry on digging as deep as I can into myself and find new ways to put everything I’ve learnt in my 18 years of life into song. That part about me will never change. And as long as people keep listening, I will sing, and sing, and sing.”

Charli is gorgeous to the bone. She has an ability to brighten anyone’s day and put compulsory smiles on faces. If her pen continues to be as prolific as it has been I think we are looking forward to the birth of some classic tunes. It is coming as sure as night follows day.” – Garry White, Bluefunk Rhythm and Blues Club

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